www.trepan.com International Trepanation Advocacy Group

www.skepdic.com/trepanation.html “A genius is one to whom the knowledge of the difference between yes and no is innate.”   — Dr. Bart Huges”

http://www.damninteresting.com/the-hole-story-on-trepanation/ “Hippocrates endorsed its use and it’s the world’s second oldest surgical procedure following circumcision. It’s called trepanation and it literally means drilling a hole in your head. And if you think it’s a bygone practice, think again.”

www.medium.com “Trepanation: Elective surgery you need like a hole in the head.”

www.Vice.com “The woman who drilled a hole in her head to open up her mind”

www.mentalfloss.com “But as Squier looked closer, he became convinced this hole was not natural: Nature doesn’t work in right angles. Peering at the squarish 15-by-17-millimeter hole, he could see healing scars and signs of new bone growth. This person had not only been alive during the cutting—he or she had survived. A startling idea occurred to Squier: Could this be evidence of ancient neurosurgery?”

www.ibtimes.co.uk “Successful 2,300-Year-Old Brain Surgery Techniques Now Being Recreated in Siberia”